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In November 2018 I hosted the first ever, all-women’s IRL RETREAT! (Yes, it’s called The “IN REAL LIFE” Retreat, because NOTHING beats in real life connections!)
Well, because it’s MAGICAL when you bring amazing, like-minded women together, IN REAL LIFE to talk, laugh, brainstorm, create memories, share struggles and victories and experience breakthroughs!
(Click on the video for a sneak peek of it!)

I’m happy to report, that first retreat in 2018 was FREAKEN FANTASTIC, and our IRL ladies had THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES!

So, in 2019, we hosted 3 more retreats! 

And now, we’d love for YOU to experience the MAGIC of an IRL RETREAT too! 
*But, to qualify, you have to be a graduate of Passion To Profit.
Why? Because the conversations and lessons at IRL are an EXTENSION of our 8-week course.

Each retreat is a small, intimate group of up to 16 women. We come TOGETHER, under one roof for 4 days and 3 nights of fun, connection and masterminding. 

The idea behind the overall retreat is to create REAL LIFE connections and create an UNFORGETTABLE experience for you! 

The details are top secret (because I am all about surprise and delight, and there's something special/mysterious about SURPRISES!) Plus, each retreat is different!

Each retreat is unique in it's own way. But trust me, this is an EXPERIENCE that will change your life! 

If you’re looking to:

•Get away from your stressful daily TO-DO LIST

•Do something that feeds and rejuvenates your soul

•Connect with new girlfriends who are experiencing the same business and life struggles you are

•Share, collaborate and discover new ideas and perspectives that will help shape and redefine the FUTURE YOU!

•Foster new relationships in a REAL LIFE community of purpose-driven, goal oriented female entrepreneurs who want to experience BREAKTHROUGHS in business and in life, then the IRL COMMUNITY IS FOR YOU!

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