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Discover how to unleash your confidence, close BIGGER & better sales, and attract your dream clients in just 8 weeks!

Hi I'm Janelle!

I'm an Artist, Educator, Multi-passionate Entrepreneur, and Founder of The Cake Mamas.


Because let's face it... If you're not making money, your business doesn't make sense.

If you're here, you've likely heard about our signature masterclass, PASSION TO PROFIT?

Enrollment opens soon, but in the meantime, here's what it's all about!

PASSION TO PROFIT is designed for Bakers and CONFECTIONARY CREATORS looking to rapidly grow their businesses.

Whether you make candied apples, cheesecakes, cookies or custom cakes, there’s one common denominator amongst most business owners in the BAKING INDUSTRY:

PRICING your products is always an issue.

Here’s what else our industry struggles with:

  • Identifying and attracting the right customers.
  • Having the confidence to provide quotes and CLOSE sales.
  • We also lack TOOLS: Templates, policies, scripts, order forms and other things to help us run our businesses efficiently.
  • We often struggle with things like organization, time management, FOCUS and STRATEGIC PLANNING.
  • And most importantly, we struggle to MAKE MONEY.


If that's a HELL YEAH, then that probably means you're interested in GROWING your business and taking it to the next level! 

But maybe you don't know how or where to start...

If you're feeling stuck, frustrated and unsure of what direction to go in, then we'd love to invite you to our MASTERCLASS



***Open enrollment begins in April  2019, so get on our WAITLIST to be the first to get notified!


Here's what some of our former students have to say about Passion to Profit:

"Your personality is bomb AND you can SELL!!! The perfect combo! Thank you!"

Kennedy Elyse Meyers

"Janelle I have nothing but great gratitude for your mentoring! You send out so much love and positive vibes. I love you girl. May God always bless you in all that you do because of you ROCK!"

Naheed Chowdry

"I had been having a shitty past few months... But never thought to GROW THROUGH my problems. I've just been too busy complaining and feeling sorry for myself. Thanks so much for this accountability Janelle!...God bless you!"

Roli Mary Thompson-Moronkeji

"You BOTH have been such an inspiration! I love how you incorporate health (physical & mental) & family life (balance) into the big picture of a small business. That balance is incredibly important to my husband (who is a personal trainer). He's been pretty impressed with everything I've taken from your course!"

Lisa Antonelli Varnado

"Janelle, thank you so much for your transparency. You are truly a blessing to us! SO HELPFUL!"

Davina K Hamilton

"After 8 years in business, signing up for Passion To Profit was really refreshing for me! It was definitely a motivator to change my ways with time management and goal setting (which I'm not so great at). I also learned so much with social media tips and engagement. The course material is great and super helpful all-around, both in business and personal! Janelle and Eddie are a great team and genuine! It's really a great course NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN YOUR BUSINESS!"

Kristina Serfass
Job Title

"I have to admit, before the Passion to Profit course I really had no idea what I was doing. But now, I see that I was treating my business as a HOBBY, and just HOPING it would magically bloom into a business. Trust me, YOU NEED THIS COURSE."

Juanita Heard

"I SO needed to change my mindset and attitude when it comes to difficult situations. I also needed to start seeing the beauty in all things. You have truly inspired me! All the advice you have given has been very beneficial for me!"

Nicole Sampson

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